International Fitness Diplomats together with Food for Fuel (F3) offers advice and programs about food choices for student athletes. F3 believes that proper nutrition is the 3rd pillar. Physical and mental preparations are also needed to develop the complete athlete. Food For Fuel understands how the proper level of energy in the body rises and falls throughout the day. Therefore, proper food selection is necessary to maintain that optimal energy level.

IFD's nutrition programs focus on the reasons for food consumption: why we eat, what we eat, how it affects the body and the economic impact. This program offers an interactive computer program that will further illustrate how the body responds to certain foods.

Food as Fuel to the body is the proper perspective one should maintain. The historical perspective is food consumption is a form of celebration. However, proper food consumption will energize the body, defend the body against stress, heal the body and give the body strength.
What a person needs depends on the individuals daily activity. When a person lifts weights, does aerobic classes or studies long hours, those results will be impacted by intake of proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, directly related to the choices of foods.
Foods can pass through the body and affect the body as quickly as 1 hour or as slowly as 6 hours. There are foods that take up to 3 days for the body to digest and absorb. It is IFD’s role to examine and educate the student athlete on how the body reacts in order to determine with greater accuracy when to select the right food.
A student athlete spends between$1000-1200.00. a year on snacks. The grocery store bill for student can range from $40 to $70 twice a month. We will determine how healthy food selection reduces overall cost.

If you are an athlete and would like to participate in the International Fitness Diplomats program, we would like to here from you! Send us an email to

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